Men's wear Trends SS 2011,PART4

IV. Fantasy

1) high quality and elegant style
Inadvertently revealed details in a low-key, as basic element hat urban new-rich wannabes show their personal status, the basic elements. Between leisure and sports adds the dressing style of prestigious school honors , evoke the memory of good schooldays .tailored in fitting and exquisite fabrics within a little mature, causal multi-layer effects. The moderate and implicit tone return aspects on a clean, elegant life.
2) Street style
lving in the intricate and varied environment, reflecting the inner needs and give vent to graphic language have started to emerge in abundance , flamboyant colors beneath the implication,  Random graffiti public self-personality are everywhere, with  its unique creative style make the men's wear more ironic like Japanese street style ,which has its free distinctive dressing from mainstream make the bizarre beauty reach a new height
3) Denim shorts
A surprising change occurs  in the New York Men's show  . here we saw more than in Europe a large number of washing and bleaching, retro washing seemingly going down with a more subtle effect of cracks and tears.
In men’s wear, we can see many looks of denim shorts, they are some very short, or some loose, even looks are denim short skirt. Denim shorts and the chambray are both with turn ups and more relaxed, it is suitable for casual style.


Men's wear Trends SS 2011,PART3

III. Traces
1) Urban Hunting
Focus on Arab region under the oil crisis ,desert elements were used for many  urban aspects in many ways , the evolutional uniform style cleverly interspersed in a nostalgic style, To express detailing design through making subtle military elements younger and enhance clothing usefulness function. A A large number of natural fiber with strong texture or fake natural material and vicissitudes tone to show peaceful natural breath. Explain that the plain and the humble are different conception for dressing up.
2) Back to style
Elegant straight profile had a great vogue on the 1950s comes back again.combination claasic double-breasted  suit jacket with stripes and plainds fabrics,renovation process of detailing design takes on a perfect retro style.cowboy style in full of western flavors takes the MARLBORO spirit back to modern city again.casual  outline is in fashion and utility for us . 


Men's wear Trends SS 2011,PART 2

Men’s Wear Trends:
 II. Confluence 

1) integrated deversity 

Different regional or domanial culture sketch out men's decorative fashion style through contrast between delicate or rough traditional national patterns and brilliant implitic colors. A large number of local and details, decorative patterns and fabric are combined with each other, traditional patterns and contemporary looks , hale and heavy lines of the outline , casual loose "hard and soft"  and other different styles are stitched randomly, mysterious colors create subtle multi-mixing effects ,All of these make us feel fine and full of delightful surprises. 

2) structural effects 

In seeking to change in this new season. to find new inspiration from men’s ratio proportions, the appropriate outline and the ratio adjustment of the length, or unusual division looks leave out of the men’s usual rigorous structure. Redrawing the ration proportion of appearance of a suit jacket, the shirt breaks the traditional type of shirt sleeves and functional jacket, the basic elements of the clothing have been restructure, new outline innovations create a visual contemporary of tension in company with relaxation

3) Makeup movement

The uninhibited under extraordinary fashional appearance, full of unexpected mosaic techniques make the sport trend more layered and gorgeous. On the whole light and harmonious colosr combine with each other, a large number of high performance plasticity materials reform with coloration to express compleate urban exquisite sportswear. Comfortable sports outline line, detailing design with endless changes to add a lightness beyonds the rules for men’s wear



Men's wear Trends SS 2011

Men's wear SS 2011 collection is the best expression mixed new and old fashion elements ,The inspiration from colors and decorative details of the women's clothing became Unisex new highlight, pop elements about military, motorcycle and see-through are still in fashion ,and other elements continue to shine fever. 
First, Purity
A. Technology of light and shadow
The transparent materials of different textures to create effects of visual overlapping by layered combination, clearly showed the lines without vestige, to express the concept of ideal men's clothing. Transparent and high-tech luster fabrics combine with the clothing structure out of trival, moderate straightforward tone, neat shoulder lines , sleeve modeling and subtle waist design has become an important elements in detail. Metallic luster,rainbow light and, double light fabrics have been used extensively, and created an imaginative visual effects and futuristic outline.

B. Low consumption origin
With the help of powerful modern technology, To recover the most original affability and skin feelings of the comfortable old clothes next to skin, ECO CIRCLE new recycled green clothes from the waste material and even Coke bottles gives the clothes a long-lasting vitality. Find inspiration from the ecological environment, The sculpt texture and functions simulated the natural world like marble mottled colors, cell structure printings appear excessively in men’s wear. The worn look, washed to old, imitation of natural fading and crumpled process and other new techniques create a comfortable and natural fashion looks.

C. Journey at vast sea
Keen to explore the unknown world,so vast sea became a new goal that shows men’s spiritual challenge. Designed inspiration from outdoor Sailing clothing, the scientific and technological impression with both protective functional fabric and fresh stimulus tone perfectly deduce a energetic and fearless navigators’ style. The texture and tone of the marine organisms are extensively used to give off a strong mysterious atmosphere.
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Bottega Veneta New Handbag AW collection 2011

Bottega Veneta released a series of fashion bags with the balance understated  and luxuriant. Concise lines match with very refined and detailed bag surface, this is not to find a balance  for polarized design, but intentionally merge into  unthinkable elements eatch other , so that every design has its rich details, technique and decoration style,formed they own style.
The design of this Bottega Veneta handbag is full of movement and leisure, its structure includes different kinds of manual skills. Different material combinations create novel and unique effects , such as velvet by pickling process ,satchel handbag handpainted snakeskin and washing washed ostrich leather, So novel and unique!
More Bottega Veneta bags at Here
More Bottega Veneta bags at Here


Louis Vuitton Ailleurs SS 2011 Collection

Louis vuitton Ailleurs Collection 2011 has a cooperation with the British artist Pippa Cunningham, Pippa created the printing and dyeing patterns . like the watercolor paintings Ailleurs Collection main products are three canvas handbags, respectively named "Promenade, Escale and Aventure", meant "Roaming, Escape the Adventure", each have two versions, the large size is exclusively personal to the beach, the small to the city. This handbag has a adjustable leather straps, the golden metal accessories and Louis vuitton iconic LV logo..
Cabas Escale
Cabas Escale large handbag has large capacity design and elegant style, the ideal choicefor beach resort.
Cabas Promenade
Cabas Promenade small handbag make you show dazzled summer fun. Lively colour, soft frilly calfskin and tinsel golden brass fittings work together to build a charming and dynamic city modelling. 
Cabas Aventure
Cabas Aventure small handbag is printed the glamorous printing pattern, Exotic feelings and summer breath come to us. Shining golden brass hardwares and luxurious calfskin trims make this Ailleurs handbag  more delicately beautiful.
Louis Vuitton Ailleurs Collection
-cotton cloth, the design of the watercolor painting(screen printing technique)
-the golden brass nameplate of Louis vuitton founder
-adjustable handle, can be hand-held or shoulder.
-he spring buckle engraved brand logo
-a large zipper inside pocket
-the iconic Monogram pattern printed soft cotton cloth lining
-protective  rivets at the bottom
Ailleurs Keychains 
Ailleurs Collection,As the continuation of the summer  in 2011, Ailleur City keychains and bag accessory  combine patterns of coconut tree, Beach hut,Monogram flower and Louis vuitton medal, etc, The color is bright and vivid.

-golden metal and resin
-key ring and spring buckle engraved Louis vuitton signature


Gucci Twirl Watch

Gucci launched two unique identific products - Twirl new watch designed by Gucci CCO Frida Giannini . The new watch differs from other watches  in their switching design of the case ,is unique in its material use.the manner of materials is really quite unique.

Treatment process by using PVD plated brown,  Twirl collection provides the large and the small in two sizes. This is a new force to supplement the existing product lines, The multifunctional  design shows urban atmosphere everywhere .

The elements of Gucci identific details , such as interlocking  GG logo inside  the strap and the first letter "G"  on the crown , make  these unique charm  watches a finishing touch.



A bright-colored single product is the fashion trend of this season

Of course, fahsion trend of this season is that who preferred the bright-colored and beautiful single product , not only closely following the fahsion trend, but also improving your personal standards of taste Department of bright colors recent big hit single product is very good. Plain daily work clothes are no longer boring and depressing, Just a simple bright-colored bag, or candy-colored jewelry , you can immediately enhance the fashion sense, makes you closely follow the dazzle color tidev of this early summer 
Chanel classic flap
Chanel classic flap

Chanel classic flap
Lady Dior



Coach Men’s Bags Spring 2011 Collection

Coach,All we knew for its classic designs and impeccable quality that lasts a lifetime. With Coach, there’s no worry of your bag or wallet going out of fashion with the fickle trends.
And now,Coach Filled with joy to launch a new men's series Spring/Summer  2011. To 70 years old tradition of fine leather craftsmanship as the foundation stone,our latest design combines modern and traditional  fine craft, made the new interpretation for willful masculinity. Give our Coach men's series a unique classic  modelling and rugged appearance of the aesthetic idea.  
Hamptons Canvas Weekender


Sheldon Canvas Wallet


Thompson Sling


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