Marc Jacobs 2012 Resort Handbags

You can see these handbags from concise modeling, neat lines, clear colors to soft leather in Marc Jacobs 2012 Resort Handbags catalogue,but worth concerning is,we will find the back of Venetia, but its symbolic pocket are saved, Large color masses are still make us coveted, just like a kind of laughter and smells of sunny shores.

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Milan Fashion Week: handbags recommended from six basic dazzling colors!

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2012 is over, besides the most glamorous fashion under the spotlight, those handbags what circulated among fingertips of those supermodels are enough to make taste repeated. Today I'll offer you Milan handbags inventory of the six most favorate colors, so let you know spring summer 2012 handbag trends in advance!

Green Color

Bottega Veneta: grass green crocodile leather envelope handbag, so fresh color
undoubtedly is one of the best partners of spring summer dress. And a tough lines
effectively neutralizing soft green, full of love for spring summer longing.
D & G: satin printing handbag, with chain design seems in casual, but the gorgeous texture always showing a strong femininity.
Moschino: dark green chain bag with shiny metallic luster, a tender white sunflower looksextraordinarily different.
Prada: flower printing handbag with Lolita style, What a fresh combination of yellow and green.

White Color
Jil Sander: it is either the handbag and a single shoulder bag, the handbag filled with neutral style is undoubtedly the best partner to suits.
Prada: when you saw this bag, whether the image "Prada Devil" appeared on the front of your eyes? Overbearing minimalist style handbag, OLs can think of it.
Dolce & Gabbana: the small flap handbag is full of exquisite and feminine, pure white handbag makes the surface texture bring out hierarchical gloss.
Emporio Armani: elegant and efficient white handbags, large size design is for useful value.
the square design is taking popular minimalist style.

Red Color

Bottega Veneta: the vigorous red crocodile leather handbag, extremely luxury makes you hold the whole scene in a split second.
Prada: briefcase design, makes this red bag fill with a retro romance.
Moschino: red with black is an absolute classic combination, of black knitting with edging is very Boho.
Dolce & Gabbana: this season Dolce & Gabbana is naturally can not let small bags go as women's favorate for the passion of leather knitting, this small flap bag is very hot.


Blue Color

D & G: gorgeous single shoulder printing bag
Versace: rivet handbag is the main section of Versace spring summer 2012, being mellow with punk style, presumably also Versace girl wants to give a unique impression for everyone!
Dolce & Gabbana: still woven style, but blue color is more girlish.
Emporio Armani: The large flat bags, with strong French resort style, smooth lines make us breathtaking!

Black Color


Yellow Color

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Competing her feathers with Chanel 2.55, Chanel Mademoiselle takes over the street

As soon as CHANEL Mademoiselle endorsed by Blake Lively passes through promotes, receives the widespread actresses's attention and the high praise! even seems to make the classic Chanel 2.55 in losing the favor. and many atresses in dozens have already shown the new Chanel handbag on the street shots,now let look at who they are.
Blake Lively
Silver dress has a strong modeling, skirt add type of cake design, feel like Barbie, romantic and cute but remains elegance, one black Chanel Mademoiselle handbag is the best partner of luxury elegance.

White romantic dress with lotus leaf design has grace of a princess, with light grey Chanel Mademoiselle handbag, combination of both make Blake Lively's grace and dedicate be interpreted without any reserve
Other stars: Florence Welch, Kirsten Dunst, Leighton Meester, Natalia Vodianova, Rachel Bilson, Magdalena
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Kate Moss designed jewelry for Fred, Now it's on sale!

Kate Moss has designed a lot of fashion clothes and handbags (Topshop and Longchamp), but now she put her Invincible charm in the jewelry and accessories field. Belong to LVMH French jewelry brand Fred has reached agreements with this British supermodel who spoke this brand several times, She will design jewelry collection contains 23 products for Fred.
Kate Moss has been known as "Second Cindy Crawford", she started out so-called "sick beauty" era since 90s. Kate Moss has appeared on the cover of a variety of over 300 magazines, it is countless times to be the spokesperson of major brands.

The picture as you can seee, necklace inspired from Kate own tattoo, in addition also has full moon, stars, heart-shaped and other different patterns.The jewelry line is on sale now at Fred boutiques and Harrod department stores, priced at $ 475-47,500.


Jewelry in vigor, take stock of fall winter exaggerated accessories

Does not expect real bonus, just for amazing shock. accessory is the important single product to matching clothing, compared with traditional accessories, it is not expert in function, and catch eyes by visual impact.
Flowers speak so powerfullly

If the flowers stand for gentleness and romance of women, then the metallic three-dimensional flowers highlight the powerful elegance. Giorgio Armani abstract flower copper earrings enrich distinctive classicalism; the existence of Lanvin rose metal necklace with a coral cocktail dress, reflecting the back to the traditional eclectic fashion; in Francesco Scognamiglio, a white silk long sleeve dress with rose brass shoulder ornaments, got the success by contrasting material.
The more dangling, the more attractive

Draping effect thoroughly enjoy in the field of jewelry accessories, jewelry in succession of this season is in a bid to swaying of Health-chi, mainly points are necklaces and earrings. Donna Karan invited Erickson Beamon to design pearl necklace, and made the entire family named "the pearl of wisdom"; Dsquared2 irregular crystal necklace is declined the  fake shirt collar. Oscar de la Renta, a long tassel earrings is continuation of the trend of the last season; Ralph Lauren slender wooden earrings reveal the full Japanese style.


Louis Vuitton Fashion Fall Winter 2011 Show on "10 Magazine"

This group of ads comes from non-mainstream fashon magzine <10 Magazine>,  also basee on Louis Vuitton fashion design, but it used plenty of arry Reigate comic elements, a little crazy and naughty, it was in great contrast with calm and steady Louis Vuitton image. it's hard to say it is funny or weird. photograph by Christian Anwander, act by Marike Le Roux.


Follow the uban beat, Hermes fall winter 2011 men's wear trends

Hermes Men fall winter 2011 took the theme of urban beats, add more willfulness and easygoing style besides the stable, unobtrusively display elegance. Suits have the changing style, make people do well enough in fast-paced urban life.
Color: the colors are more changeable, navy blue,  black, Burgundy wine red, slate gray, bronze. light gray, sunflower yellow,  turquoise blue, the large scale using for these unique colors.
Models: straight coat, double-breasted coat with high-fold collar, double-breasted loose coat, windbreaker, short coats, zip-style jacket, with quilted jacket and hooded sweatshirt. short suit jacket, two buttons or double-breasted suit, coat with patch pockets, British knitted collar suit coat, suit jacket with leather accessories, connected sports fur- clothing.Button-style or zipper-style cardigan, round neck pullover, V neck pullover, turtleneck pullover, polo collar pullover, zipper knitting pullover with shoulder.

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Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Jewelry Collection

With the coming of fall winter, so we add more gorgeous multi-colors for this season. Italian luxury jewelry brand Bvlgari (Bulgari) Mediterranean Eden multicolored jewelry collection, modern design lines with soft feeling, highlighting the Asian women tenderness, combination of a variety of natural gemstones, Brought out lively natrual fashion.
Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Ring
Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Bracelet
Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Earrings
Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Rings
Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Necklace
Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Necklace
Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Rings
Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Necklaces
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