Chanel Fine Jewellery 2011 , Launched Gorgeously

VENITIENNE:Aquatic series : mix all kinds of sapphire and 18K white gold
VENITIENNE Aquatic ring and earrings
VENITIENNE Aquatic cuff bracelet
VENITIENNE Aquatic Necklace
Byzance : Byzance series :18K white gold and pink gold,pearls and diamonds inlaid、pink sapphire Rubellite;
Byzance necklace and earrings
Byzance Ring
Byzance Bracelet
Camélia Dentelle series :18K white gold and diamonds inlaid
Camélia Dentelle Brooch
Camélia Dentelle necklace and earrings
Camélia Dentelle Rings
Coupoles series : inlaid pearl an didamond、Rubellite 、Pink tourmaline 、garnet and topaz
Coupoles ring and earrings
Mosaique series : in 18K white gold,inlaid diamond、pearl、ruby、emerald、and pink sapphire,colorized painted
Mosaique ring and earrings
Mosaique Necklace
Persane series : in 18K yellow gold,inlaid diamond、Tsavorite、pink tourmaline and Rubellite
Persane ring and earrings
Persane Cuff Bracelet
Soleil Pastel series : in 18K rose gold,inlaid diamond,pearl and Pink tourmaline,garnet and many colored sapphire
Soleil Pastel ring and earrings
Soleil Pastel Necklace


Four Top Jewelries , To Show Off Top Charm

Beautiful jewelris have a lot , a gorgeous gem is enough to make one sparkling. But top jewelry is very rare, because only expensive material can't achievement a top class jewelry . The following four top jewelry are the best and darlings in the jewelry industry what collect design, workmanship, culture, material and brand on one .
Chanel - Secrets d’Orients
Include Mosaïque diamonds、pearls、169 rubies total weight 17.76 karat ,137 emeralds weiths 22.04 karat and 72 sapphires weight 7.72 karat ,add white pearls radiance to each other,colorized to highlight sumptuousness and elegance
Mikimoto : Pearls full of water
Harry Winston : fairland by Ambaji V. Shinde
Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels Scylla necklace - Fantasy dragon


Natural creature jewelry of five jewelry brands shine luxurious wonders of nature

Summer's dense forest is alive and kicking,this is the most luxurious vitality in nature. And luxury jewelry brand also did not leave this most clever natural image, every detail of these lively jewelry is just for awakening the purest beauty in our hearts .
Bulgari TONDO Gold complete with stainless steel “goldfish pendant”and “sakura pendant”;
Bulgari Serpenti white gold diamond ring, Bulgari Serpenti gold bracelet inlaid mother pearl and pavé diamonds. More Bulgari TONDO pendants Click Here
Tiffany & Co. dragonfly necklace in diamonds and white gold;
Tiffany & Co. butterfly necklace in diamonds and white gold;
Tiffany & Co. butterfly necklace in diamonds and white gold and gold; More Tiffany necklace Here
Graff Butterfly white gold pink gem and Sapphire complete with white diamond necklace,earrings,bracelet
Boucheron Cameleon ring , Boucheron Cameleon brooch ,  Boucheron KAA ring
ENZO 18K ring in golden and red tourmalines;
ENZO 18K pendant in golden and red tourmalines;
ENZO 18K earrings  in golden and red tourmalines;
ENZO 18K pendant in golden and red tourmalines;


Keep going along with my love canvas shoes Part 4

GIve one leap , the world present in front of us.
Girls love canvas shoes dream that get married with canvas shoes one day , just like Avril Lavigne . until we all get old, we wash canvas shoes again , and dry them at the first first sunlight in the summertime , to replay those ended youth films on our aged and darkened  brain .
Kurt Cobain said , Be yourself even if people hate you , and not want to disguise yourself to try to cater to others .in our twenties , just leave a half of the youth . Canvas shoes are no longer the gear that can't take off death  . because choice is no longer the right of the young people , Our lives go on be selected in colorful days.but at that time for ourselves , as such has full authority to choose whom we will .Let's treat the canvas shoes we love to a sunbath on a quiet bright and sunny day.

Keep going along with my love canvas shoes Part 3

You can fabricate the whole world when you did not understand how the live you life . 
As you had it coming to you , Life is joke to be free accessed .
In our life, it doesn't know that fabricates an world; When the world gradually came to the front, life but for us to take in the with the joke.
The broken canvas shoes are in youth-your beauty kept along with us it is broken on best tme of our life when canvas shoes are broken .
Numerous of canvas shoes were destroyed to become beggar shoes in the last music festiva , but youth is enviable after all .We are walking the narrow street before dawn , Soil leave along the ground and youth all the way . But at this moment we do not realize that our down and out, because the young passion makes us so glad from the heart , allow us to believe that it is young eternally .
Uninhibited time , heroic youth , we're still on the way ,... . One year I had a whole long summer. I had only two pair of shoes , sandals and blue canvas shoes. The rain is always heavy , it is too late to take off canvas shoes so that canvas shoes are almost soaked to  fade .  I wore them to view the scenary on the west hill ,to appreciate the flute on the streets and lanes . The meaning of life elsewhere, is to see that it's not the most beautiful scenery, to meet that it's not the best person , to hear that it's not the most pleasant music, but has experienced the best time of my life .


Keep going along with my love canvas shoes Part 2

Dust In The Wind , Flower United .
The dog blood play about youth. That year we started to understand the so-called small romantics . From then on, We gave up colorful dress just left purewhite, left cotton cloth; Shoes must be without high heel and other things , only left clean and tidy canvas shoes. of course absolutely not socks.

Growth in the movies is no lack of innocent and pretentious dramas forever .
The years of composition book appeared in countless pure and fresh and despite the woman and the castles in the air fate. In the youth in the bedding we translate into a full of long lenses and film the sense of reality, and the reality is a movie a fantastic situation sketch.
Presented many brisk fameles with ivory tower story in the articles at that year . We imagined the youth fantasy is the movie is full of growth shots and films' sense , in fact ,reality just became absurd sitcoms !
We bought white cotton skirt to the ankle ,but it is easy to get dirty . We tried to wear Converse with barefooted , but chilly sense suddenly began to the moment, it is not compared with the warm wool socks .


Keep going along with my love canvas shoes

Gentle time , the canvas shoe is the most ductile nest ... I bought the first pair of canvas shoes in my life when middle school , they're red shoes , Converse . That is the time to refuse to become the lady , the girls all wore colorful canvas shoes under the boring and loose uniform pants , regardless of whether or not have PE that day, to say goodbye to the time of the little girl. So, that pair of black square head leather shoes are forgotten deeply in a closet , just like a little of love and sadness that even no worth mentioning at those days , at that moment the pure and fresh have not pop up .
Of course , Only one pair is not enough.
I at that time wanted to have a room with many cabinets are full of canvas shoes in the future . A pair for outing, a pair for walking , a pair for counting stars, a pair for the moon, a pair for catching the dust under the sunlight , and a pair for play with the puddles after raining...
Bad kids love canvas shoes, because we are all the bad boys that time , but we still have dream... High school we went into the black time , because of the rebel named Black. That pair of black ALL STAR eventually had wore beyond recognition, the shoe sole had worn very thin , and the uppers had washed to become grey almost . But no matter what weather it is , we refused to change other shoes. I thought maybe canvas shoes was my only choice in my life at that time.
Through the wet rainy days on tiptoe, even if wets my socks, but still have the bright smile of sunny days .


Christian Louboutin Fall 2011/2012 Ad Campaign

If you want to piont out the most unique and surprising lookbook of fall 2011/2012 ,then Christian Louboutin ,the top luxury shoes brand absolutely has enough reasons to take the lead ! Christian Louboutin shoes and bags are together to combine with outstanding talented photographer Peter Lippmann ,make the six of famous art paintings in history modified ,played role through super models in the paintings and cleverly put Christian Louboutin shoes and bags into the picture , What a astounding time magic .
Let us enjoy this amazing creativity !
Source : Bagtrends.net


Valentino Garden Party Collection , make you feel Garden Secret .

Garden Party Collection includes shoes and bags ,the accessary materials use silk, nylon , lace , chiffon , leather, straw-woven and other diverse texture and material, the expression techniques of of the flower include two dimensions watercolor printing and manual third dimension flowers .  Printing patterns show the inspiration from watercolor paintings , they are full of fresh and elegance . Plenty of rose pink, violet, moss green and other colors gradation technique show quite poetries .
Valentino watercolor printing backpack and daily satchel, besides printing patterns still added adornment elements like colored beads and ribbon bowknots , sweetness within dynamic feeling, plus simple leisure clothes, will be enough to express the gorgeous and vigorous of spring and summer.
Valentino handbags with manual stereo flower adornment . are the works of art what mashup the great crafts and different materials .Munual leather flowers through sophisticated procedures and crafts , show the perfectly vivid flower petals and blossoms .straw-woven handbag couple with stereo leather flowers and patent leather buckle , easily display subtle changes of different materials , drifted away from tough and tender .
Valentino high heels with three layer stereo flowers and bowknot , shining patent leather shows in rich dark green and elegant nude pink , There styles show fashionable and modern temperament; Printing satin style underlines tender and exquisite of the city divas.